My Story

I’m a freelance writer/editor
turned real estate broker/investor
turned furniture flipper/Etsy shop owner
turned unlikeliest person ever at the helm of a skincare business.

Long story short …

I loved the rush and energy of freelance journalism; I loved helping clients navigate the traditional real estate process; and I loved the creative aspects of designing and running an Etsy shop, but ultimately, none of those career paths offered the time and financial freedom I coveted. In each case, as my business became more successful, my freedom and flexibility diminished.

In 2016, as I worked day and night to keep up with Etsy orders and attempted to balance those demands with being the wife and mom I wanted to be, I realized the pace was unsustainable. I was tired of trading time for money; something had to give.

At the time, I was training for the Boston Marathon, my husband and I were involved in starting a new church in our community, we had two young kids and we were knee-deep in the international-adoption process. I had no spare time! But I also recognized that if nothing changed, nothing would change.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die,” said Warren Buffett, who knows a thing or two about residual income. With that in mind, the entrepreneurial wheels started turning again. The result is the business I’ve built over the past five years, through which I’ve found my calling – and helped hundreds of others find theirs.